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Mrs. Anderson!

Mrs. Anderson was recently appointed to the position of principal of the Monatiquot Kindergarten Center for the 2014-2015 school year. Mrs. Anderson is very excited about her appointment and is looking forward to starting her new position.

FDK News for April

This month we will complete our reading unit titled “Let’s Go Exploring!” and begin our fifth of six reading units, “Going Places.” We will continue to review alphabet letter recognition, letter naming, and matching uppercase to lowercase letters. We continue to build upon phonemic awareness in kindergarten, as we explore initial, medial, and final sounds in words. Phonics lessons will offer practice with matching alphabet letters to the sounds they make. We will master sounds /e/ spelled Ee, /j/ spelled Jj, /w/ spelled Ww, /ks/ spelled Xx, superstar vowel sound /u/ spelled Uu, and consonant blends. Our kindergarten high frequency words to practice this month are here, go, from, yellow, blue, green, what, said, and was. We continue to develop our comprehension skills, reading about and discussing realism and fantasy, cause and effect, compare and contrast, as well as retelling. Kindergarten cares about “conventions,” learning about pronouns I and me, questions, question marks, capital letters, and prepositions. We are writers, working on list, caption, rhyme, and poem.

During the month of April, FDK can’t wait to investigate introducing subtraction, the subtraction symbol, two dimensional (plane) shapes, and three dimensional shapes during mathematics lessons. Our students are working to master addition facts to 5. Shortly, FDK students will practice and receive flash cards for subtraction facts to 5. Kindly encourage your child to work with addition and subtraction flash cards in order to build automaticity. Math lessons incorporate several manipulatives, games, and activities to engage students as they practice important skills.

This month we will culminate the second of our three science units, My Five Senses. Kindergarten has thoroughly enjoyed engaging their senses to better understand how we learn about our world. We look forward to exploring our next hands-on unit, Properties of Matter.

As part of social studies in April, we will be learning all about spring, Earth Day, and zoo. We look forward to preparing for our exciting field trip to the Franklin Park Zoo in May!

Second Step is a program we use to help students develop learning skills and improve upon social skills. Our kindergarteners enjoy our interactive lessons. Currently, we are focusing on Emotion Management and Problem Solving. We will learn and practice the problem solving steps. These include: SAY the problem, THINK of solutions, EXPLORE consequences, PICK the best solution.

Please note:

Orders for FDK t-shirts and sweatshirts are due to FDK by April 11th. Please contact your child’s teacher if you need another order form.

There is no school April 18th, in observance of good Friday.

There is no school April 21st-25th, due to spring break.

There will be no school on Monday, May 26th, in observance of Memorial Day.

Our last day of school(!) at FDK will be Monday, June 23rd. FDK students will be dismissed at 11:50, with no late dismissals on this day.

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Reading Incentive Program: Growing to Love Reading

REMINDER: No School on April 18th
School vacation - April 21-25

Field Trip to Franklin Park Zoo is scheduled for Thursday, May 15th (rain date - Thursday, May 22) Please send in a "brown bag lunch" that is disposable, non-perishable, and nut-free if possible.

Last Day of School - Monday, June 23rd!