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What school supplies do I need to purchase for my kindergarten student ?

MSKC will supply crayons, pencils, glue sticks, scissors, and folders for every student. Please purchase a backpack with a zipper. Kindergarteners are ready for a regular size backpack.

Also, please send one snack and one drink daily. Full Day students may bring or buy lunch.

What is the dress code for Kindergarten ?

Please send your child to school with shorts, or slacks. These are ideal for various classroom activities as well as Physical Education and Recess. Flip flops are not safe for Recess or P.E., so please do not send your child to school in flip flops. Dresses are popular this year and they are fine, but they are not practical on days your child has Physical Education.

We cannot wait to meet our super kindergarten students in September!

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Class assignment letters were mailed out to families on Tuesday, August 25th. This letter provides the name of your child's kindergarten teacher, important details about Kindergarten Story Hour (scheduled for Wednesday, September 2nd), crucial Arrival/Dismissal Plan forms, and "Release To" forms. Please plan to have all forms returned to MSKC on or before September 2nd to allow for smooth transport of your child. Thank you!


Please see "Massachusetts Medical Requirements for Entry to Kindergarten 2015" in "Documents" section of this website.

Please see "Application for Free and Reduced Meals" forms in "Documents" section of this website.

We have all noticed changes in our curriculum and pedagogy (teaching style) these last few years, in part due to the adoption of the Common Core Learning Standards. There is a great website that helps families understand academic expectations for young students. Check out the site at:

*You may also find this site in our "Links" section of this webpage.

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