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Advisors: Heidi Hurley/Marsha Roos

Questions regarding the yearbook should be directed to: Heidi Hurley at
Students and parents please e-mail photos etc. directly to the BHS yearbook at

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New Deadline: December 19, 2013

Senior Portrait Yearbook Photograph Specifications
Braintree High School
Wampatuck Yearbook 2013-2014

The official photographer for Braintree High School is Prestige from Lifetouch. You may have already been contacted with a date and time for your senior portrait session. If you need assistance confirming or changing your appointment date and time visit the website at Photo appointment times and dates are posted outside room 277.
We ask that confirm your appointment. Having knowledge of this information allows us to ensure that all students have the appropriate time allotted for their portrait session. Below is the phone number and email of the Prestige from Lifetouch liaison.

Beth McGrath
Prestige Portraits
Senior Liaison
800-426-9533 ext 169

If you select NOT to use Prestige as your photographer, it will be YOUR responsibility to make sure the following specifications are adhered to. Failure to follow these directions and specifications may result in your photo NOT appearing in the yearbook. Your photo may appear distorted, pixilated and/or with very poor quality if you do not follow the specifications. Your photograph should be of the highest quality shot by a professional photographer. The yearbook is a published document which is cherished for many years to come. It is very difficult to print a consistent colored yearbook with multiple photos which come from a variety of photographers.
ALL photographs must be submitted digitally. If you scan a photograph from a hard copy the quality will be lessened. Please pay close attention to the specific details and clean your scanner of lint and dust.

Remember we will ONLY accept digital photographs. Disc or email ONLY. Please give these guidelines to your photographer.

VERTICAL FORMAT ONLY. Horizontal shots do not crop correctly.

FRONTAL SHOTS ONLY. No Props (guitars, sports equipment, etc). Photo will be cropped from the mid-chest up.

Leave enough room at top of photo for cropping, top of head @ .5-1".

Background is up to you, the best quality photos are formal, yet simple backgrounds with excellent lighting. Remember, the photo is about YOU, not where you are in the photo. Be really careful about what is in the background.

ONLY HIGH QUALITY 300 dpi or ABOVE submitted on DISC or....

Email Senior Photos to: subject: Senior Portrait 2014 with your name

Final printed senior picture in the yearbook may be approximately 3x2.5" OR LARGER (If your photo is not the correct size it will appear pixilated and will not submit into the yearbook.

CLOTHING: Dress appropriately; No inappropriate graphic shirts-derogatory references to race, color, gender or nationality. No logos. For boys, ties are NOT mandatory but encouraged, collared shirts are appropriate. For girls, NO Spaghetti Straps, bare shoulders or low cut shirts with cleavage.

YEARBOOK HAS THE RIGHT TO REJECT PHOTOS FOR NOT FOLLOWING THE CORRECT GUIDELINES; ALL PHOTOS ARE REVIEWED FOR APPROVAL. If you have any doubt or question please feel free to show/ask Mrs. Hurley before submission for approval.


Email or deliver to Mrs. Hurley, House 1 Yearbook ailbox or email: subject: Senior Portrait 2014 WITH YOUR NAME AND HR/HOUSE ON THE PHOTO OR DISC

Any questions regarding yearbook photographs contact Mrs. Heidi Hurley (creative advisor) at: or

Any questions on ordering yearbooks and ads: Mrs. Marsha Roos (business advisor)