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Core Values and Beliefs

Pride is the hallmark of Braintree High School. We support all learners toward mastering a rigorous curriculum that builds upon students' strengths and addresses their individual needs. We are committed to ongoing reflection in our educational practice. We believe that a positive school climate comes from a sense of partnership and co-curricular involvement among all constituents in the school and community. This partnership is built upon respect for diverse ideas, experiences, and contributions. We are committed to providing a professional and educational environment that emphasizes personal well-being and responsibility; effective communication skills; critical thinking and problem solving; and creativity through the arts, sciences, and humanities, so that our students prosper as life-long learners and global citizens of the 21st century.

The essence of our mission statement can be found in the acronym PRIDE:


Respect and Responsibility



Educational Excellence

School-Wide Expectations

Students at Braintree High School will

1. Be prepared and ready to learn.
2. Think critically.
3. Solve real-world problems.
4. Communicate effectively.
5. Develop self-discipline, self-respect & self-reliance.