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2009 - 2010 Teacher Grants Recipients

The 2009 - 2010 grants ranged from $500 to $1,000.

37 teachers applied for grants, and 17 were selected.

The teachers who received grants are:

Braintree High School science teacher Lynn Mills, $614 for a teachers’ document presenter that provides students what is in view on a microscope.

South Middle School’s Betsy Willis, $500 for “Science Through Solar Panels”.

East Middle School teacher William Glover, $1,000 for “The River Study” that allows students to collect and analyze samples from Smelt Brook in Pond Meadow Park.

Deborah Vose, Christina Norris, and Dagmar Lebron, $1,000 for a portable interactive board.

Tara McKenzie, $1,000 for a classroom LCD projector for a math concepts program.

South Middle School teacher Christine Mazei, $1,000 for a portable interactive board.

Beth Pyliotis, $500 for a classroom LCD projector.

Flaherty School teacher Elaine Marcell, $500 for level guided reading books.

Mary Quigg, $500 for a creative writing program.

Melanie Chiles, $500 for “Storywork” that enhances the English Language Arts curriculum through writing, grammar, and vocabulary.

Highlands School teacher Patricia Cook, $1,000 for “Traveling Tales” that encourage family involvement in literacy.

Hollis School teacher Lisa Katilus, $1,000 for a cardio fitness program.

Liberty School teacher Betsy Cahill, $1,000 for a math program.

Morrison School teacher Julianne Quintiliani, $500 for a math concepts program; Jodi Fleming, $500 for a reading incentive program.

Ross School teacher Kathy Sharkey Jordan, $1,000 for a digital book presenter.