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Teacher Grants

BHSSchool2006-2009(26) LCD Projectors
BHSSchool2010-2011(2) Short Throw Projectors
BHSSchool2010-2011(1) Elmo Digital Camera
BHSC. Lang2009LCD Recipient
BHSG. Ward2009LCD Recipient
BHSH. Carpinella2009LCD Recipient
BHSM. Hadlesy2009LCD Recipient
BHSK. Lourenco2009LCD Recipient
BHSJ. Bengiovanni2009LCD Recipient
BHSE. Langenthal2009LCD Recipient
BHSA. Wallenstein2009LCD Recipient
BHSL. Cross2009LCD Recipient
BHSJ. Kreinsen2009LCD Recipient
BHSLynn Mills2009Document Camera
BHSLynn Millis2008Biology Remdiation
BHSKimberly Lourenco, Mary Jane
Farley, Deanne Sullivan
2010Project Prove: Curriculum Based
Board Games
BHSAdam Smith2011Hovercams
BHSAnne Rodzwicz2011Epson Short Throw Projector
BHSDr. Meaghan Germain2011Hovercams
BHSLynn Mills2011Epson Short Throw Projector
BHSSusan P. Smith2011Renaissance Responders
BHSJessica Malvey2013iPad with Retina Display (16GB
BHSNancy Moynihan2013Slash the Trash Signage
BHSEmily Rodd2012-2013Epson Short Throw Projector
BHSLillie Kilburn2012-2013Epson Short Throw Projector
BHSDanielle Wallace2014(4) iPad Minis
BHSAnne Rodzwicz2014ELMO Document Camera
BHSLauren Oriola2014Epson BrightLink Interactive
Short Throw Projector
BHSPaul Nellis2014Magix Video Pro X6
BHSJamie Wiggin/Alan Tibbetts2014(4) mini
BHSAP Environmental Energy Audit2013Electricity Usage Monitors,light
meters, thermal leak detectors
BHSDr. Passeggio2014(4) iPads, Printer
BHSDiane Radigan2013Nook eReaders
EastSchool2006-2009(14) LCD Projectors
EastSchool2010-2011(2) Short Throw Projectors
EastSchool2010-2011(1) Elmo Digital Camera
EastM. Morrett2009LCD Recipient
EastE. Joyce2009LCD Recipient
EastS. Maher2009LCD Recipient
EastC. Wheeler2009LCD Recipient
EastJ. Halpin-Curran2009LCD Recipient
EastTara McKenzie2009LCD Projector
EastVose,Lebron,Norris2009Portable Interactive Board
EastHeather Camarata2008Knights of Culture
EastDeborah Vose for East2010ELMO Digital Camera
EastTara McKenzie20102Know! Classroom Response System
Package -32
EastCollen McCarthy, Katie Frazier,
Jen Johnson
2010Interactive LCD Projector
EastCourtney Wheeler20102Know! Classroom Response System
Package -32
EastMarta Caldwell2010Magnaformers & Magz
EastAndrea Gilarde Bartlett2011Epson Short Throw Projector
EastBarbara Tellier2011ELMO Document Camera
EastCourtney Wheeler2011ELMO Document Camera
EastHeather Auer2011Epson Short Throw Projector
EastMarta Caldwell20112Know! Classroom Response System
Package -32
EastMary O'Donnell2011Epson Short Throw Projector
EASTJan Stevenson2012-2013Epson Short Throw Projector
EastMichael Varone2012-2013Epson Short Throw Projector
EastJennifer Weinberg2014(5) iPads
EastNorwood Pearson2014(6) Yamaha Guitars to expand
instrumental music
EastJackie Halpin Curran20132Know Classroom Response System
EastMelissa Morett20132Know Classroom Response System
EastBarbara Tellier20132Know Classroom Response System
EastChristina LaVangie20132Know Classroom Response System
Colleen McCarthy2011Epson Short Throw Projector
Jennifer Bithell2011Epson Short Throw Projector
Katie Frazier2011Epson Short Throw Projector
East/SouthDeborah Vose2014(2) iPad Minis
East/SouthDeborah Vose2013iPad 2's Blk, 16GB, Wi-Fi
East/SouthDeborah Vose2011Kindles
East/SouthWilliam Glover2009River Study Project
Krista Regan2013Early Math Learning Center
FlahertySchool2006School was wired for high speed
internet access
FlahertySchool2007-2011(6) LCD Projectors, (2) Short
Throw Projectors, 1 ELMO
FlahertyK.Byrne2009LCD Recipient
FlahertyL.Liston2009LCD Recipient
FlahertySuzanne Furness2009Social Studies through
FlahertyElaine Marcell2009Leveled Guided Reading Books
FlahertyMary Quigg2009Literature and Six Trait Writing
FlahertyMelanie Chiles2009Storyworks
FlahertyKathleen MacDonald2008Non-fiction Social Studies
FlahertySchool2010Elmo Digital Camera
FlahertyKate Williams2011Epson Short Throw Projector
FlahertyMelanie Chiles2011IPEVO Ziggi Doc Camera
FlahertyMelanie Chiles2012-2013Epson Short Throw Projector
FlahertyAbles Program2012-2013Epson Short Throw Projector
FlahertyStacy Soto2014(2) iPads
FlahertyMichelle Gaffney2013ELMO Document Camera
FlahertyDebbie Toma2013ELMO Document Camera
HighlandsSchool2006School was wired for high speed
internet access
HighlandsSchool2007-2011(6) LCD Projectors, (2) Short
Throw Projectors, 1 ELMO
HighlandsL.Linnane2009LCD Recipient
HighlandsH.Galvin2009LCD Recipient
HighlandsPatricia Cook2009Traveling Tales
HighlandsLindsay Linnane2008Magical Memorable Myths
HighlandsKate Fallon2010ELMO Digital Camera
HighlandsBeth Swinning2010ELMO Digital Camera
HighlandsPatricia Cook, Natalie Forbes2010Best Books for Beginners
HighlandsCasey Renegar2011Epson Short Throw Projector
HighlandsKaren Aiello2011ELMO Document Camera
HighlandsMarjorie Buckley2011Epson Short Throw Projector
HighlandsMegan Flynn2012-2013Epson Short Throw Projector
HighlandsLauren Ristuccia2012-2013Epson Short Throw Projector
HighlandsPhyllis Donahoe2014ELMO Document Camera
HighlandsAnne Marie Barcellos2014ELMO Document Camera
HighlandsSandra Sullivan2013ELMO Document Camera
HighlandsNatalie Forbes2013ELMO Document Camera
HighlandsHeahter Galvin2013ELMO Document Camera
HighlandsJeanine Babineau2013ELMO Document Camera
HollisSchool2006School was wired for high speed
internet access
HollisSchool2007-2011(6) LCD Projectors, (2) Short
Throw Projectors, 1 ELMO
HollisK.Bowes2009LCD Recipient
HollisR. Terrill2009LCD Recipient
HollisLisa Katilus2009Dance by Number using Geo Mats
HollisSchool2009Prominthean Board
HollisKerri Waite2008ELMO Visual Presenter/Document
HollisKathleen Bowes2010ELMO Digital Camera
HollisChristine Giacomozzi20102Know! Classroom Response System
Package -32
HollisChristine Giacomozzi2010Prominthean Board
HollisJennifer Friedenberg2011Responders
HollisLindsay Hulke2011Epson Short Throw Projector
HollisLisa Pacino2011Epson Short Throw Projector
HollisMedia Center2012-2013Epson Short Throw Projector
HollisKevin Powers2012-2013Epson Short Throw Projector
HollisJudith Delaney2014ELMO Document Camera
HollisClaire Poles2014ELMO Document Camera
HollisJoanna Newton20142Know! Classroom Response System
Package -32
HollisKerri Waite2014(3) iPad 2 & (3) keyboards
HollisChristine Giacomozzi2013ELMO Document Camera
HollisKerri Waite2013FrontRow Pro Digital Sound
Amplification System
Hollis/MorrisonBethany Petrelli2011Social Thinking
Hollis/MorrisonJanet Horgan2011Social Thinking
Hollis/MorrisonKim Kane2011Social Thinking
Hollis/MorrisonKimberly Tyszkowski2011Social Thinking
Hollis/MorrisonSuzanne Wasil2011Social Thinking
Hollis/MorrisonWilliam Fleming2011Social Thinking
Emily Oliver2011Epson Short Throw Projector
Lynn Hartford2008A Library of Social Stories
L.Richardson, M.Loncoln,K.Curran2014(3) iPad with Retina Display
WiFi 16GB Black
School2009$1000 Tech Grant
Sharon Paresi, Ellen Goldberg2010Develop Pre School Library
LibertySchool2006School was wired for high speed
internet access
LibertySchool2007-2011(6) LCD Projectors, (2) Short
Throw Projectors, 1 ELMO
LibertyK.Pendergast2009LCD Recipient
LibertyT. Berry2009LCD Recipient
LibertyBetsy Cahill2009LCD Projector for Cafeteria
LibertyKathy Sharkey-Jordan2009ELMO Digital Presenter
LibertyPatricia Bartlett2008Reader's Theater in the
LibertyKatie Toma2010ELMO Document Camera
LibertyJulie Hankes2010ELMO Document Camera
LibertyBetsy Cahill2011ORIGIO Math Subscription
LibertyChristina Ranieri DiPace2011Epson Short Throw Projector
LibertyLinda Wells2013(6) iPad Minis
LibertyLinda Sheehan2012-2013Epson Short Throw Projector
LibertyKara Wishart2012-2013Epson Short Throw Projector
LibertySherri Hogan2014(3) iPad minis
LibertyBrianne Bowes2014(1) iPad Mini
LibertyJoyce Radiches (4-Recipients)2010-2013$4325 Michael Bucuvalis College
LibertyKatie Doyle20132Know Classroom Response System
LibertyBetsy Cahill2013HP SMART BUY PROBOOK Computer
LibertyAndrea Kiefer2013HP SMART BUY PROBOOK Computer
K Center
Donna Anderson2014LCD Projector & LapTop
MorrisonSchool2006School was wired for high speed
internet access
MorrisonSchool2007-2011(6) LCD Projectors, (2) Short
Throw Projectors, 1 ELMO
MorrisonV.Adams2009LCD Recipient
MorrisonJ.Herget2009LCD Recipient
MorrisonJulianne Quintiliani2009Fun & Puzzling Aproach to
MorrisonJodi Fleming2009Spotlight on Reading Program
MorrisonHillary Soffer20081st Grade Literary Centers
MorrisonElizabeth Roberts2010(2) iPads
MorrisonJulie McIntosh, Julianne
2010Fluency Fun through Readers
MorrisonAmy Devlin2010ELMO Document Camera
MorrisonWaureen Alpert2010ELMO Document Camera
MorrisonAmy Antonelli2011Mimio Xi Interactive + Capture
Whiteboard Systemw/Interactive Mouse
MorrisonColleen Meany-Myers2011ELMO Document Camera
MorrisonEmily Kelley20112Know! Classroom Response System
Package -32
MorrisonMaryanne MacDonald2011Epson Short Throw Projector
MorrisonDiane Hawley2013iPad2 with WiFi 16GB
MorrisonEmily Kelley2013iPad with Retina display, WiFi
16BB (one black, one white)
MorrisonNora Mazzeo2012Ipads
MorrisonSuzanne McGovern2012-2013Epson Short Throw Projector
MorrisonColleen Myers2012-2013Epson Short Throw Projector
MorrisonEmily Kelley2014(2) iPad Minis + Apple TV
Lauren Oriola2014Raised in Partnership
$4372.73-Falmouth Road Race
RossSchool2006School was wired for high speed
internet access
RossSchool2007-2011(6) LCD Projectors, (2) Short
Throw Projectors, 1 ELMO
RossM.Thompson2009LCD Recipient
RossC.Avellino2009LCD Recipient
RossKathy Sharkey-Jordan2009ELMO Digital Presenter
RossKathy Stachowski2008Alpha Smarts in the Classroom
RossCatherine Avellino2010Outdoor Classroom
RossSara Stauber2010Kindle
RossCatherine Avellino2011Hovercams
RossDanielle Scanga2011Ipad2
RossFrancine Fletcher2011Epson Short Throw Projector
RossCarolyn Joseph2013iPad2
RossJennifer Hoelscher2012-2013Epson Short Throw Projector
RossHeather Bowen2012-2013Epson Short Throw Projector
RossKathleen Malcolmson2014(1) iPad Mini
RossChristina Gavrailov2014(1) iPad Mini
RossKathleen Malcolmson2013Mimio Teach Interactive System
SEPACKristen Zechello2014Raised in Partnership
$6773.26-Boston Marathon
SouthSchool2006-2009(14) LCD Projectors
SouthSchool2010-2011(2) Short Throw Projectors
SouthSchool2010-2011(1) Elmo Digital Camera
SouthR. Homan2009LCD Recipient
SouthK. Norton2009LCD Recipient
SouthC. Norris2009LCD Recipient
SouthN. Joyce2009LCD Recipient
SouthBetsey Willis2009Science Through Solar Panels
SouthBeth Pyliotis2009LCD Projector
SouthChristine Mazzei2009Portable Interactive Board
SouthGina Achins2008Electronic Balances to teach
concept of Density
SouthDeborah Vose for South2010ELMO Document Camera
SouthBetsey Willis2010Vernier Starte Package & Lab
SouthDorothy Burkett2010Making Better Lessons through
the use of a wireless tablet
SouthTaylor Sturtevant2010Making Better Lessons through
the use of a wireless tablet
SouthJen Heckman2011Epson Short Throw Projector
SouthKara Carney2011Epson Short Throw Projector
SouthBrittany Ross2012-2013Epson Short Throw Projector
SouthAnthony Fama2012-2013Epson Short Throw Projector
SouthStephanie Motta2014Epson BrightLink Interactive
Short Throw Projector
SouthHeather Cash2014(2) iPad Minis
SouthTaylor Sturtevant2014ELMO Document Camera
SouthLaura Riordan/Christine Cordasco2014(5) iPad Minis
SouthTeam @ South - Motta2011Epson Short Throw Projector
SouthKathleen Norton2013Brother Printer, Scanner, Copier
South/EastGina Achins2013Wind Energy Forum by Natures
Classroom Teachers